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06th Feb 14 • 49 notes • Reblog
A very Happy Birthday to most handsomest and best leader, Jung YunHo.
03rd Feb 14 • 1 note • Reblog

Anonymous said: if you watch the video , its on yt by heavenswine, they do that quick touching of their hands , finger thingy that they do, its very sweet cuz they dont even look at each other, jaes hand comes up and yuns automatically gravitates and touches

Loooooved it. Thanks for sending that video my way.

03rd Feb 14 • 24 notes • Reblog
What do you guys think? Can’t tell if it’s just the angle or if they were actually holding hands for a sec. My biased opinion wants to say they were touching. Lol!
03rd Feb 14 • 60 notes • Reblog
Lol! Miss these moments where they lived in their own world, oblivious of everything and everyone around them.